COVID-19 Recovery Efforts at TOB Church

(All information is subject to change at church’s discretion)

  • We are currently in Stage 4 – “New Normal” (please see details below) During our COVID-19 response we will continue to do our very best to keep each person who comes to worship with us as safe as possible.
  • When you come to our in-person services, masks are optional. Due to various personal feelings, we strongly ask that you are conscious of others and use proper techniques for any coughing/sneezing you may experience while worshipping with us, tissues are available.
  • *IMPORTANT, if you are currently experiencing symptoms of illness or have been in recent contact with anyone experiencing symptoms or diagnosed with COVID-19, please refrain from coming to our in-person services and campus until medically cleared to do so. We offer many online options to connect you to our church ministries while you are getting well.
  • Stage 4 – “New Normal”

Stage 4 is the “New Normal” for TOB Church, keeping many protective measures in place, but allowing and encouraging the return of all members back in-person.

  • Sunday Services: IN-PERSON / ONLINE – Live Streamed (10:30 Service on Facebook & YouTube)
  • Wed. Service: IN-PERSON / ONLINE (Facebook & YouTube)
  • Tuesday Prayer Meeting: IN-PERSON
  • Campus: OPEN
  • Fellowship Events: ALLOWED
  • Office & Staff: ALL STAFF ON-SITE

Children’s Ministry
Our Children’s ministry has increased our sanitization in the children’s areas and the following precautions will be in place:

  • A sanitation checklist will be in place to clean rooms between services
  • Any child displaying signs of cough, fever, runny nose will not be allowed to participate in class
  • All Teachers will follow strict safety protocols

Facility Changes / Sanitization

The following facility updates are being enforced to protect the congregation before, during, and following services on campus.

  • Additional cleaning service team members added to support additional sanitizing efforts.
  • Sanitizing efforts include:
    • High-touch areas (doors, computers, restrooms, counter-tops, sound equipment)
    • Classroom tables, chairs, and toys and parent notification devices
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the church campus.