Local Community Outreach


The Olive Branch

is committed to the unconditional support of Valley Restart. Our community outreach in support of Valley Restart consists of a couple of programs. First, our outreach is through a monthly donation program. With Valley Restart receiving a majority of their daily basic needs through donations, on the first Sunday of each month, members of our congregation bring in at least one item per family in support of Valley Restart. From hygiene items to non-perishable food products, the items that are donated to Valley Restart are a valuable source of support to assist them in their mission and goal to help those in need.
Second, we are involved in an every other month feeding-serving-fellowship program at Valley Restart. On the first Saturday of every other month, those that have the heart, desire and passion for this ministry, give of their time to not only bring the food for the evening meal, they also prepare the meal, serve the meal, and take the time to fellowship with those that are not only temporary residents at Valley Restart, but for those, who would not otherwise have the ability to, come and enjoy a hot meal (I John 3:17).

Valley Restart Center – Hemet

Their mission is to provide essential services to families, adults, and children who lack basic resources to sustain themselves within our community. Their goal is to provide emergency services to help the homeless and low-income families avoid homelessness, restart lives, and to break the cycle of homelessness.

Valley Community Pantry – Hemet/San Jacinto Valley

Their primary mission is to provide emergency food and shelter to local residents in need. They assist families in low-income brackets as well as those on fixed-incomes or those who are unemployed or underemployed. Each year, they provide services to thousands of families, veterans, and homeless individuals and families in the Hemet/San Jacinto Valley and surrounding areas.

The Olive Branch

is committed to the unconditional support of our local community pantry. This community outreach is through a monthly monetary donation program, we understand that Valley Community Pantry receives a majority of their operating income through donations, so we are committed to an ongoing monthly support to this fine organization.


US Missions


God’s Extended Hand – San Diego.

Their mission is to provide a venue for the homeless to receive the Word of God through several services that are held at various days during the week, to include Saturday’s and Sunday’s. They also provide a facility where the homeless of San Diego are able to come and get off the streets to have a meal, and to provide clothing for them when requested.
The Olive Branch is completely dedicated in its support of God’s Extended Hand through our monthly clothing donation ministry. Throughout the month, members of the congregation bring in clean clothes, shoes and blankets that are either new or slightly worn, in good condition to the Church. On the first Saturday of each month, the clothes, shoes and blankets are then taken to God’s Extended Hand to then be given to the homeless. It is truly heartwarming to see the awesome display of God’s love through His people each month to help the homeless through our clothing ministry (Deut 15:7-8).

Missionaries to the Hispanic Community of Southern California:

Their mission is to assist non-Hispanic churches to reach their Hispanic neighbors, assist in the growth & development of Hispanic churches & ministries departments within existing churches, assist other District Departments in cultural sensitivity & focus towards the Hispanic population, and assist in District activities to integrate the Hispanic population.
This Hispanic Ministry has the unique opportunity to be at the lead in reaching the largest mission field within the United States. Their desire is to use cutting-edge resources and evangelism to enter into the lives of this great and growing part of our society. Hispanic culture has given so much color and flavor to the mosaic that is American culture, and we are committed, through sound Biblical doctrine, to “make every effort” to reach all people for Jesus Christ.
The Olive Branch, in keeping with the tradition of the Assemblies of God, believes that supporting missionaries is central to spreading the Word of God to all cultures. Not only are the mission fields ripe for harvest overseas, the mission fields are ripe for harvest also here in the US (Acts 8:26-38). The Olive Branch is dedicated in supporting the missionaries to the Hispanic Community of Southern California via prayer and a monthly monetary donation.

World Missions


Missionaries to South Africa:

Their mission is to help train and equip men and women to fulfill their Spiritual calling to the people of Southern Africa. With the equipping of these local saints, their heart is to help reach and fulfill the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of South Africa.
As Jesus said in His Great Commission to go out into the world and “make disciples of all the nations” in Matt 28:19, The Olive Branch is committed to the spreading of God’s Word. Not only are missionaries needed to spread God’s Word, they also need support to spread God’s Word. That is why we are dedicated in supporting the missionaries to South Africa via prayer and a monthly monetary donation. Understanding that no monetary donation is too small, being able to support the missionaries to South Africa is truly a blessing for us.

Missionaries to Romania:

Their passion and purpose is to establish Youth Ministries where Youth Ministries don’t exist. This is the state of nearly every church in Romania, and one of the underlying causes is the fact that there is no practical investment made into Youth Ministry. These missionaries have the heart to create a place where the youth of the community can be effectively shown that there is not only hope & love, but also a place where they can safely go that is not on the streets.
God’s Word teaches that we are to teach our children all of God’s Word in Deut 6:6-7. After all, our children are our future, and The Olive Branch is unwavering in its commitment to the youth. With the heart we have for our youth, we are dedicated in our support of the missionaries to Romania via prayer and a monthly monetary donation. We are blessed to be a part of supporting the missionaries to Romania in spreading God’s Word to the youth; for we believe that God’s Word can have an impact and change one’s life no matter the geographical location (Is 55:11).