About Us

Welcome to TOB!
We have a passionate desire to “Connect real people to a Real Living God”.  Meaning, we are all real people with real life situations occurring daily, so together with you, we would like to discover how Real God is and how much He really Loves and Cares for you.
Our mission is to continually grow our relationship with God and our community without compromising the Truth of God’s Word or the Power of His Spirit, creating a positive example for others to follow.
We exist to Worship God, share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, show His Love and Compassion through fellowship and example, and continually equip people with the Word of God to Honor the Lord.
If you like, we have our teachings online with the ability to view, listen and download the files for your library.
We hope you enjoy the site.  Please click around and view all of the “Great Things” that God is doing here at The Olive Branch Church, aka TOB Church.
If you are searching for a church home, we encourage you to come and enjoy a time with God and a bunch of real people like you, we have something for everyone and hope to see you soon! 
Lastly, we want you to know that Jesus Christ loves you very much!