TOB Leadership

Pastors Anthony and Jennifer Martinez serve together as Lead Pastors of The Olive Branch Church seeking to fulfill God’s calling on their lives, knowing that God has ordained a special purpose for this church and especially for the people at TOB.
Pastor Anthony has a heart for all people and encourages each one to fulfill their individual gifting and calling of God. He encourages each person to develop a personal relationship with God and continually grow in their faith in Jesus Christ and obedience to God through His Word.
Pastor Jennifer has a heart for the Ladies and Children of the church, knowing that each one has a special purpose that God has set for them. She truly enjoys leading the women closer to God through personal interaction and joyful intimate times of fellowship and discussions in the Word of God.
A20140917_195818ssociate Pastor Willie Evans has a passionate desire to reach out to the homeless and needy.
His heart and work for the Lord is an encouragement to all who are blessed by this ministry. Where there is a need in the church, Pastor Willie is there facilitating and connecting people to the Lord and His Word.
Associate Pastor James Bennett serves as our Seniors Adult Pastor and has a passionate desire to care for our “Blessed Bunch” 50+ ministry.  Pastor James and his wife, Mrs. Olivia, are instrumental
Tarra and Jesse Lerma serve as our Worship Leaders and have a strong passion for leading people into the presence of God through Praise and Worship in song.
Our TOB Church Board is comprised of Don Durbin, James Bennett, Jesse Lerma, Cameron Lutz and Bob Kirk.